This Retro Light with Stackable Pieces is a Game-Changer

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: thinkgeek
Don’t worry, this video game-inspired stackable desk lamp won’t disappear like the blocks do in the game Tetris. This LED light contains seven pieces that light up when put together. The pieces can be arranged in an endless combination as well. Once disassembled, the light turns off.

This retro lamp is reminiscent of one’s childhood, and makes for a quirky addition to any office or home. Much like the game it’s inspired by, one could become easily distracted and immersed in arranging and re-arranging the light-up blocks. Although, if intended for the office, this lamp should come with a warning suggesting productivity could be negatively affected. Or, if studying or doing work one needs a break, it could be a welcome distraction.

For vintage video game lovers everywhere, this lamp is absolutely a must.