From Illumiating Dance Sneakers to Electrifying Soccer Apparel

 - May 27, 2015
There are a number of ways to incorporate flashy LED fashion items into any wardrobe. Sometimes this tech-savvy apparel is designed to keep you safe when riding a bike. Using light-embedded clothing is one way to be noticed by motorists and other pedestrians when out for a nightly commute.

Flashy LED fashion also makes partying a little bit more exciting. There are shoes that can be hooked up to music and synced to the beat so every dance move has an even bigger impact. Another way to use LED clothing is at a concert or festival where flashing lights are already illuminating the scene.

LED fashion is also a large part of athletic wear. Besides the obvious safety-infused wearable LED outfits for bikers, many other activities are using this style. Lights are being infused into jerseys. It makes athletes look like bolts of lightening as they jolt and zigzag across fields and courts.