Totem Lets You Bake, Fry, Chill and Freeze Food

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: tuvie
The art of cooking lies within the infinite ways one can prepare countless combinations of food, and something as minimalistic as the Electrolux Totem Modular Cooking System supports a broad range of functions.

Designed for any culinary scenario, whether you're camping, preparing food at the office, or getting your baking done within the comfort of your home, this innovative stackable solution performs in a way that eyes would never immediately be able to detect. Simply different arrangements of the object's elements can mean the difference between making a hot meal and a cold one.

When flipped with the edges angling out and up, the hot-plate carries out its frying function. When two are positioned to form a hexagon, the Totem Modular Cooking System changes to baking mode. Incredibly, the controls of Nick Morris's invention will even allow you to freeze your leftover dinner.