The Build It Modular Fixture is Secure in Assembly and Striking on Display

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: vishalagale
An aesthetic balance must be struck when it comes to designing shelves, and the Build It Modular Fixture seems to succeed on both sides. The playful pieces embody an obvious iconic quality, yet they do not take away from the view of the items they exhibit.

Designer Vishal Agale was inspired by LEGO toy bricks in the development if each cubby unit, altering his own to incorporate depressions and protrusions in all four sides and leaving the core of every block open. The result is a set of backless display boxes, coated in white so to make the appearance of their contents pop.

The whimsical details and the lighthearted approach to creating a customizable storage system give the Build It Modular Fixture a fun identity. It is enough to foster admiration as a piece of furniture but to simultaneously frame the objects inside with pride.