More Than Storage, the Prossima Fermata is an Engine for the Imagination

 - Sep 10, 2012
Perhaps inspired by the fun that a kid can have with a simple laundry basket, the Prossima Fermata is a hybrid storage system and a toy. As an empty container, the thing is full of potential to an imaginative child, but this concept provides its young users with exciting accessories.

A small plastic propeller can be fixed to the front of the polypropylene bin to instantly turn the receptacle into a plane. The crate is large enough that a pair of tiny toddlers can fit into it at once and soar off to whatever fantasy world they collectively envision.

Translating to "Next Stop," the Prossima Fermata can also be adapted into a sailboat. And optimized for practicality, Simone Martin's design is stackable when empty and when full, and it can stash a great capacity of toys and things.