This Neat DIY Electronic Bracelet is Great for Gadget Loving Girls

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: instructables & instructables
This neat DIY electronic bracelet offers gadget-loving gals an interesting way to recycle their old electronics. Rather than tossing out old circuitry and other electronic scraps, why not make yourself or your girlfriend an awesome electronic bracelet? It's cute and eco-friendly, which is an overall great combination.

These intriguing circuitry jewelry pieces were first thought up by an instructables user who works with electronics on a daily basis. After noticing all of electronics that were being tossed away for newer models, they decided to salvage them and make awesome electronic jewelry from what would have otherwise been garbage.

This awesome DIY project offers an interesting way for geeky guys and gals to dispose of their out-dated electronics, while creating something neat in the process.