Pick a Jewel by FIFT is a Creative Way to Turn Virtually Anything into Jewelry

 - Feb 24, 2011
References: fift.jp
The Pick a Jewel by FIFT is a bit different than most jewelry that you might buy, in that it leaves its centerpiece as a blank canvas to be filled by its owner.

Instead of providing customers with a fully formed accessory, the Pick a Jewel by FIFT is a necklace with a tiny clasp attached which allows its owner to turn virtually anything into a fashionable piece of jewelry. This means that particularly creative people have the opportunity to create completely unique jewelry at whim out of anything they happen to find appealing. From flowers to small mementos, the Pick a Jewel necklace is a surprisingly inventive way to let individual inspiration run free. Better still, anything used can be easily and effortlessly replaced when they feel like trying on something new.