From DIY Tree Stump Side Tables to Recycled Can Chandeliers

 - Sep 30, 2013
Furnishing a new home can often fill your space with clutter and knick knacks that you hardly use, but these eco-friendly decor ideas are offering some creative environmental home decor options that will certainly make any space feel more sustainable and eco conscious.

Perfect for homeowners who are tired of having the same old furnishings that most likely every other homeowner has, these eco-friendly decor ideas will provide both creative and environmental touches that eco conscious individuals will surely love. A great way to infuse reusable and recyclable methods into your home decor techniques, these eco-friendly ideas are helping to bring a greener touch to any ordinary home interior.

From chic planters made from upcycled concrete blocks to lighting units made from recycled newspapers, these eco-friendly decor ideas will definitely add a unique touch to any home.