Statthocker Stools Treat Eco-Unfriendly Objects to Eco-Friendly Reuse

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: & yankodesign
The designers of the Statthocker Stools, Bastian Demmer and Oliver Bahr, can give you at least two reasons why these adorable objects are good for the environment.

The first reason is that these come from an energy-wasteful class of German streetlights from the 1960s, so there have been great benefits to removing them and replacing them with more efficient sources of outdoor illumination.

Secondly, these gently tapering cylindrical chairs required very little fresh material to make. The lamppost toppers were already the perfect height to form ergonomic perches, so the designers simply added circular tops of HI-MACS to cap them and give them color. The Statthocker Stools are stackable and they lightheartedly integrate LEDs to pay homage to their past lives.