This Vine Photosynthesis Lamp is a Natural Way to Light Your Home

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: mocoloco & fancy
Using a vine photosynthesis lamp as a way to illuminate your home is a perfect way to bring nature indoors.

This lamp shade is created out of a wire frame that surrounds the light bulb. The frame will act as the container for the plant, and it will enable the vines to act as the shade that will cover the light. The best choice of plant for this lamp is one that grows vines easily, so it will have full coverage.

It is important that an energy saving bulb is used. This will not only help your plant grow, but it will also be eco-friendly.

This vine photosynthesis lamp is a gorgeous way to have a plant in your home, and the fact that it doubles as a lamp shade will also add a statement piece of furniture to your decor.