The Herb2 System Provides Privacy, Decoration and Fresh Air

 - May 28, 2012
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The design of a room divider affords the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an interior space. The Fabrikaat Herb2 demonstrates a whole-hearted endeavor to delight visually, but it succeeds even further to impress with its lush contents and its unexpected mechanics.

Milda Liubinskaite and Mariann Hildal collaborated to produce this beautiful boxy living partition, constructed of custom-made pine wood cubbies with plexiglass windows. LED lighting panels have been installed in their bases, designed to provide a nourishing glow to each lovely terrarium below.

The Herb2 (Herb Squared) unit really astonishes with its clever means to be expanded into a tall trellis. It can be accomplished by pulling two handles on either side of the system, or by tightening three strings above it.