The Mokulock Wood LEGO Bricks are Sophisticated and Eco-Friendly

 - Feb 13, 2013
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As visually appealing as colorful toy building blocks are, the Mokulock Wood LEGO Bricks shows that they can be just as aesthetically-pleasing in other materials. Children might still appreciate the plastic versions, but over the years it has become quite clear that LEGO attracts more than just the younger generations. Thus, this nature-inspired version is perfect for adults.

More than that, the Mokulock Wood Lego Bricks are eco-friendly. Made out of various types of wood, they come in sets of 50. Conveying the importance of the environment to children, these building blocks don't just inspire creativity and imagination. Nevertheless, as simple and elegant as they are, the pieces can be used just like classic LEGO bricks. The difference is that parents might want to keep the sculptures as decor.