The 'LivingLight' Grows Herbs While Generating Its Own Power

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The LivingLight is a self-powered lamp that lets you grow herbs. Designed by Michael Oechsle, the minimalist lamp illuminates your home while giving you access to a convenient garden. The Living Light hangs from the ceiling while taking care of you micro-garden. Four light panels with OLEDs brighten up your room while plant life hanging from the bottom provides beautiful decor.

Oechsle's light is able to nurture your herbs through an ingenious gravity-based system. A water reservoir on the top slowly provides hydration for your plants. Compacted nutrient-rich soil below the reservoir holds your plant in place. Since plants bend towards light, your herbs won't distract you by hanging too low.

The LivingLight is able to power itself without connecting to a power grid. Since the OLEDs are so efficient, they are able to draw power from the electrolytes in the moist soil. Copper cathodes and zinc anodes attach to the soil to power your lights.