The White Lamp by RecUPAtiNe Features Light Bulbs Used as the Shade

In a truly post-modern approach to lighting, The White Lamp by RecUPAtiNe moves the bulb that would traditionally be held within the design to the outer part of the shade. Made with recycled materials, The White Lamp by RecUPAtiNe is as beautiful as it is obscure, which might make some discerning critiques a bit apprehensive.

The base of The White Lamp is made by making use of a discarded opaline light fixture piece, whereas the shade itself is made from 33 used light bulbs of varying size and shape. I love the way that the fixture is magical in certain respects and looks like something out of a surreal story. Moreover, it's an exercise in tongue-in-cheek humor as placing the bulbs outside the fixture is a little bizarre, but a whole lot of fun.