Coulson Macleod's Insect Design Adds an Organic Touch to a Room

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: shop.moorbi
The atmosphere of the room can drastically change depending on what is hanging on the wall and this insect design brings along with it a crisp, organic feel. Made of recycled paper, the Bugs Recycled Paper Print by Coulson Macleod is a socially and ecologically responsible choice when shopping for wall decals.

The neatly presented insect images were individually hand drawn by Coulson Macleod. The drawings were then made into rubber stamps. Every individual insect was hand stamped to be scanned and digitally aligned into perfect rows. Because this illustration is printed on reclaimed paper, it is an eco-friendly piece of art.

The intricate details of every insect drawing is fascinating. Nature is always a wholesome, feel-good topic to be expressed and displayed -- perfect for shoppers who are looking for a modern-day rendition of nature.