RE:USE by Oryx Studios Turns Regular Items Into Extraordinary Lamps

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: studioryx & randommization
RE:USE by Oryx Studios is truly a set of light fixtures in a league entirely its own because it features some of the most unorthodox, quirky and surprisingly captivating pieces I've ever seen.

Made out of regular, everyday objects that have found new life in a decidedly surprising way, RE:USE by Oryx Studios takes some truly unremarkable items and drastically re-imagines their capabilities. From laps made out of old shoes to illuminating toasters and irons, these oddball inventions are sure to turn even the most dreary or monotonous spaces into something else entirely.

In addition to being surprisingly inventive, however, RE:USE by Oryx Studios is also an inspiring example of how items normally bound for the trash can be turned into stylish furniture pieces.