'SolarLed' by Luz Difusion is Solar-Powered

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: luzdifusion & notcot.org
With so many individuals "going green", it's only natural that 'SolarLed' by Difusion become a staple item in every household, office and campground. These lights are completely charged using the power of the sun and can be kept alight for eight hours (a regular work day) off a single charge.

These lamp-like devices can be hung from various locations and are extremely portable. The best part about these lights is the charging function -- just leave them out in the sun while enjoying the weather. When it comes time for the night, these lights will keep nearby areas bright enough so that the fun doesn't have to end. SolarLed by Difusion offers a unique design while keeping up with the green movement of many modern appliances.