Philips' FreeStreet Lighting System Declutters Public Spaces

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: & dvice
Although there have been some admirable attempts made to improve street lights in terms of sustainability and appearance, none of them have been as radical as the FreeStreet Lighting system. Foregoing the traditional lamppost completely, it takes on the form of power lines stretched overhead with pods of LEDs embedded throughout.

Designed by Philips, the FreeStreet Lighting system declutters sidewalks and streets, effectively freeing up public space. It also saves up to 40% in energy costs. The winner of the Dutch Design Award, Oscar Pĕna, Senior Creative Director of Philips Design, says, "FreeStreet is an energy friendly solution through the application of the LEDs, which illuminate the streets in a comfortable and natural way."

The FreeStreet Lighting system will be introduced in Europe later this year and in the US next year.