Invite a Green-Friendly Element into Your Home with the Flower Mats

 - Jan 15, 2012
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Perfect for city dwellers who don't have much living space, these Flower Mats are the ideal way of staying in touch with your green thumb amongst all the lights and noise of the metropolis. The Flower Mats are just like having your very own garden, but inside of your house.

The Flower Mats are created by design studio Bonnie and Neil, and offer a mini garden for your home. Made with reclaimed timber with the ability to hold six different plants or flowers, the Flower Mats offer environment-friendly elements both to the Earth and your household. Each of the Flower Mats contain a pretty floral pattern to complete the green theme.

Don't let your busy lifestyle deter you from staying close to nature; let these Flower Mats bring a green aspect to your living quarters without hardly taking up any space at all.