Sculptor Jack Sawbridge Creates Abstract and Organic Artworks

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: jacksawbridge & beautifuldecay
Jack Sawbridge, a sculptor, designer and architect based in London, United Kingdom, has created a stunning series of sculptures that revolve around found wood. Maintaining the abstract and organic forms of this material, he introduces other elements to transform them into mystical creations that would enchant many. From orbs of glowing lights made out of blown glass to string that turns them into musical instruments, Jack Sawbridge's sculptures celebrate nature in a unique way.

Exploring "human's attraction or lack there of to different geometries," as Jack Sawbridge reveals to FAD, his artworks 'extrapolates on Vitruvius’s notion of 'sacred proportion' and the 'golden section.'" Interestingly, each and every one of his nature-inspired objects has a function or purpose on a metaphorical level.