From Punctured Plain Sculptures to Che Guevara Portraits

 - Jan 16, 2015
The Cuban people have great spirit, through times of peace and especially in times of great conflict, oppression and poverty. These recent pieces of liberating Cuban art take a great variety of different forms, expressing the creative flames within this colorful country in the West Indies. In light of recent political decisions to free prisoners and discuss trade and travel with the United States, this collection captures the paradoxes and the power behind individual voices and an entire population.

Art collectives like Los Carpinteros and the Fabrica artist community have gotten attention beyond their Caribbean home for some years now, creating thought-provoking political art. Installations and performance art have stimulated exchange, emotion and change, while graffiti, traditional painting and photography have provided raw, honest and intimate looks into the lives of Cuban people. Perhaps more of the world will soon discover the influential work of Yoan Capote, Jose López Pardo and the much-admired Tomas Sanchez.