'Isla' by Yoan Capote is an Intricate Composition

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: yoan-capote & mymodernmet
Cuban artist Yoan Capote has a mesmerizing talent for creating sublime sculptures out of common, everyday utensils. From a distance, his latest creation ‘Isla’ appears to be a serene depiction of a calming seaside. Upon closer inspection, it’s revealed to be composed of nearly 500,000 intertwining fishhooks.

According to mymodernmet.com, Yoan Capote said that, "I decided to use fishhooks in this series because I wanted to create a tension between beauty and seduction and danger and entrapment." The dichotomy of sensations that the viewer experiences -- depending on their distance from the artwork -- speaks to the artist’s ability to understand and thus play off the audience’s sensual relationship towards his work.

Alternating between tranquil and alarming, Isla by Yoan Capote is an impressive work of art, forcing its audience to engage with Isla’s message through an interpretation of fluctuating emotions.