From Grassy Horse Sculptures to Stellar Sand Portraits

 - Jul 28, 2015
Sand, water, grass and snow are just of the few of the natural elements that make up these awe-inspiring pieces of environmentally inspired designs. While many designers strive to make lasting pieces of artwork that will stand the test of time in a museum, many creative individuals are temporarily creating installations using only what nature has to offer.

Some of these amazing and ephemeral environmental art pieces include sculptures that have been created in fields, gravity-defying sand art and snow sculptures fit to live in.

The design world is favoring materials and media that are so environmentally conscious, they can only be appreciated for a short time in person before disappearing forever. In order to further emphasize a message to do with the health of the environment, some artists even make use of living art materials to communicate the public's need to support the wellness of the people and the planet.