Ivan Zamurovic Creates Images by "Shopping" in Nature

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: ua.depositphotos
Serbian artist Ivan Zamurovic creates inspiring images using simple objects like flowers, leaves, fruits and coffee beans. Ivan plays with geometry and asymmetry, making us see familiar items in the new light. The artist presents his work at stock imagery websites.

"Although we are presented as Ivan Zamurovic, we are a team of two brothers -- Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic. That is most important, and most enjoying aspect of our job. When we plan a shooting we think of a crude idea (theme), and go 'shopping.'" "Shopping" is what the pair describes as picking flowers, leaves and branches from parks or neighbor's gardens.

Sometimes it is a real shop and they buy things associated with their theme. When they choose objects, they only think how would it look on a photo. Will it be pleasant to an eye? That is the only condition. To be appealing to an eye, to satisfy basic rules of aesthetics. Shopping in nature is where they get inspired. In nature, a supermarket or a local flower shop, they are brainstorming. That ordered mess of things inspires creative thinking. After shooting, their pair does very little post-processing.