From Social Media Art Exhibits to Auto Brand Condominiums

 - Nov 27, 2016
These November 2016 modern trends range from social media art exhibits to auto brand condominiums like Aston Martin's luxury skyscraper that is set to be built along the coast of Miami, Florida.

When examining the month's most notable home decor items, standouts include sculptural split concrete lamps along with transformational tables that are designed to be hyper-functional in both large and compact spaces.

These November 2016 modern trends also include eco innovations like ornamental indoor plants -- the 'Kokedama Collection' by Amsterdam-based botany brand We Smell the Rain offers an elegantly curated plant selection -- along with subway ventilation gardens like a conceptual project that is built above underground transit air vents.

Other notable examples range from levitating cloud speakers to surreal photography reels that embody a dystopian aesthetic.