Agelio Batle's 'Ash Dancer' Disappears as It Creates Abstract Images

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: asbworkshop & gizmodo
'Ash Dancer,' a contemporary art piece by San Francisco artist Agelio Batle, is a life-sized, self-drawing skeleton made from solid graphite -- the same material used in most pencils. On display at the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, the installation consists of the Ash Dancer skeleton itself as well as several large sheets of vellum paper that the skeleton has "drawn on."

While the Ash Dancer skeleton is itself an impressive feat of sculpting, there is much more to the installation. The graphite skeleton is placed on a "high-frequency vibrating table," as the artist notes, and these vibrations cause it to make marks on the vellum (due to the graphite rubbing away.) Like a pencil running out of lead, Ash Dancer slowly disintegrates, leaving haunting remnants of itself on the paper beneath.