- Apr 24, 2017
These artisanal writing tools range from fidget-friendly pen accessories to handcrafted pencils that boast a two-in-one, and ergonomic design. In addition to niche metor-crafted and jewel-encrusted pens, other standouts include mechanical pencils that boast a smart, connected design concept.

While the 'Quotidian Pen' is a notable example that is powered by magnetic propulsion technology -- relying on a built-in magnet to extend and contract -- Beyond Ink's writing tool range is another crowd favorite thanks to its practicality. The brand's pens are not only elegant writing tools but double as portable device chargers that also boast USB thumb drive storage capabilities.

Rounding off this list of artisanal writing tools are personalized fountain pens that embody a vintage aesthetic, and gamified highlighters which are app-connected to deter distractions.

From Fidget-Friendly Pen Accessories to Handcrafted Pencil Designs: