Karen Khachaturov's Work Shows Subjects in an Eerie Dream-Like World

 - Oct 12, 2016
References: instagram & fubiz.net
Karen Khachaturov, an American creative, has a talent for lensing and editing surreal photographs that work to warp one's perception of reality.

She manages this by adjusting the color in each of the images to be a unique cotton candy pink -- making it look as though the subjects are immersed in a strange cartoon-like world. In order to enhance this, she uses a series of unconventional props as well, some of which include glossy mannequin parts, pants with extravagantly extended legs, rubber gloves and industrial objects.

In this, the surreal photographs combine a vibrant and positive atmosphere with obscure additions -- giving it a feel that's a little dystopic as the subjects seem to lose much of their humanity in the process.