From Canine Leotard Outfits to Portable Pooch Showers

 - Nov 26, 2016
From canine leotard outfits to portable pooch showers, the November 2016 pet trends demonstrate that today's pet owners will spare no expense when it comes to making sure their favorite furry friend is happy and healthy.

One of the ways that pet owners are splurging on their four-legged companions is by investing in products that keep cats and dogs entertained while their owners are away. One such product is the Laser Cat Scratching Post, which uses a series of lasers to keep cats active and engaged. Another example is Catastrophicreations' Cat Mod furniture, which maximizes the amount of space that cats have to explore.

However, some owners are willing to go to more extreme lengths to keep their pets happy. As the November 2016 pet trends reveal, everything from four-legged leotards to gourmet pet food is available for owners who are willing to spare no expense in pampering their pet.