'Making Weather' Plays Music and Creates a Natural Light Show

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: richardclarkson & yankodesign
The 'Making Weather' speaker light is the design work of Richard Clarkson and Crealey, and creates a natural piece of decor that is illusionary, inspiring and soothing.

Crafted to look like a cloud, the 'Making Weather' speaker floats about the main base with elegance and twirls slowly to enable a sense of movement.

The 'Making Weather' speaker light is capable of playing music and will synchronize the flashing lightning within the cloud to the beat of the sound. This helps to bring the music to life and create a comprehensive experience for users to enjoy.

The natural world is often pushed away in urban settings and can leave many feeling disconnected; the 'Making Weather' speaker helps bring a touch of sky-high design indoors to help mend the rift.