Terézia Krnáčová's 'Everyday Bread' Project Utilizes Intricate Stitching

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: behance.net & fubiz.net
Terézia Krnáčová, a Slovakian artist, is responsible for a rather peculiar bread art project.

Taking slices of bread, she changes the usual shapes that they take by poking out parts of the center. Once doing so, she takes white thread and embroiders the areas that are void of the food -- weaving webs of different consistencies within them. In the slices that are left whole, she simply stitches through the doughy material, or encases them in a net.

The purpose that Terézia Krnáčová had in mind while completing her bread art project over the course of seven days was to explore her personal relationship with textiles, which she displays in the various embroidery techniques that she implements throughout on her unconventional canvases.