This 3D Wooden Log Texturized Wallpaper Provides Multi-Sensory Texture

Adding texture to one's home decor design usually consists of adding accessories, but the 3D Wooden Log Texturized Wallpaper enables one to add it in a different method. Highly unconventional, the wallpaper is textured to give the literal feeling of wood grain, while the visual aesthetic adds dozens upon dozens of cross-sectioned logs into a space.

Coming in two color styles including natural and black and white, the 3D Wooden Log Texturized Wallpaper is also designed to help enhance the physical capabilities of a space. When installed on a wall, the wallpaper will help to provide soundproofing as well as add waterproofing to make it an effective solution that's ideal for bedrooms and even basements. It can help to add a naturalistic touch to urban homes and spaces to help one relax while still in bustling city surroundings.