- Apr 24, 2017
These analog organizational tools range from high fashion calendars to goal-oriented notebooks that help users with productivity, self-improvement and time management. In addition to desktop calendars with a stylish and handcrafted feel, other standouts include wallpaper decor that doubles as a year-round scheduling tool.

All the Fruits' Wallpaper Year Planner is notable in particular and is a chromatic wall sticker that can be customized with written reminders, important dates and other scheduling notes. Additionally, the 'Sketchcase' -- a stick-on whiteboard decal for laptop devices -- is another tech-free organizational tool that is ideal for students engaging in brainstorm sessions while on the go.

Despite of technology's abundance in educational or workplace settings, more consumers are embracing minimalism and returning to analog organization tools. These range from personalized notebooks, and agendas to niche calendars that double as decor, or those that are designed to inspire while helping users to meet deadlines seamlessly.

From High Fashion Calendars to Goal-Oriented Notebook Concepts: