This Calendar Lets Consumers Scratch Their Way Through the Year

If 2017 is forecasting to be a tough year, the 2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar from the MoMA Store offers a metaphorical outlet for consumers' struggles. The minimalistic black wall calendar is covered in a special silver ink that can be scratched away, like an inverse, therapeutic version of a prisoner scratching the passing days onto their cell wall.

Though the idea of scratching one's way through the year is a slightly macabre metaphor, the 2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar's pleasing minimalist design should offset any feelings of despair that the upcoming year brings. With the days and dates of each month listed in vertical columns, MoMA's 2017 Scratchable Wall Calendar offers a unique visualization of the Gregorian system. Plus, scratching away the days could bring about the same excitement-filled feeling of scratching away a lotto card, so the passage of time doesn't have to be a depressing concept.