'ButterflyBoard' is a Portable and Articulated Whiteboard

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: indiegogo
Whiteboards are the gold standard for visualizing one's work, and ButterflyBoard is a convenient way to bring that standard anywhere. ButterflyBoard is a portable and articulated whiteboard that offers technology to satisfy even the most mobile users.

In theory, the whiteboard's simplicity is all that one needs; many people think of a whiteboard as just a canvas, with what gets written on it as the important subject matter. While ButterflyBoard still highlights consumers ideas, it makes it easier to have those brainstorming sessions anywhere and to save the brilliance that comes of them.

ButterflyBoard consists of several thin slats of whiteboard with magnetic edges. These edges can fit together in an array of formations, making ButterflyBoard adjustable to users' needs.