The Melting Bookshelf Shelving Keeps Books Organized and Displayed

 - Oct 12, 2016
References: arthur-xin & yankodesign
The Melting Bookshelf shelving unit enables one to keep a touch of winter inside their home at all times of the year thanks to the frigidly cool design aesthetic. Designed by Arthur Xin, the Melting Bookshelf is crafted using a mix of plastic and glass components with glass for the melting icicle portions and white plastic for the top sections. This enables it to truly mimic the aesthetic of a melting bit of snow in the sunlight.

The Melting Bookshelf shelving unit features an array of differently sized icicles that are melting downward between the various levels on the unit. These act as a way to organize books and keep them from toppling over to make the design inherently beautiful, but also useful.