Sandcastle Matt Uses Found Objects to Create Avant Garde Sand Sculptures

 - May 6, 2014
References: flickr & thisiscolossal
The first thing that comes to mind when viewing the work of Sandcastle Matt is the work of Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect who was the figurehead of Catalan Modernism. Specifically, it brings to mind the Sagrada Familia, which happens to be the oldest construction site in the world. Gothic in a fantastical way, everything from Sandcastle Matt's use of organic forms and tall spires is reminiscent of this Roman catholic church.

Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Sandcastle Matt uses a slew of found objects such as vines, plywood and other junk to create the framework from which the wet sand is sculpted on top of. This allows the sand to take the form of raw arches, crosses and more. He mainly employs the classic drip method sandcastle technique in his sculptures.