From Geometric Sand Castles to Sprawling Sand Art

 - Mar 14, 2013
Here’s hoping that all of these sand-sourced works of art convince you that the beaches of the world are actually untapped canvases on which you can create art. All poetic descriptions of beaches aside, these works of art are amazing for several reasons.

The first is that sand is very fickle when it comes to staying in place. It takes patience and skill to shape sand the way you want it to look. Another thing that makes these sand-sourced works of art awesome is that the artists are often working against the tide. The temporary nature of these pieces and the time constraints the artists were under when creating them make them that much more amazing.

These sand-sourced works of art include portraits, sand castles and sand sculptures. Even if you don’t consider yourself artsy, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll find something to love among all of these epic pieces of beach art. After all, who doesn’t like an expertly crafted sand castle?