Joe Mangrum Sand Creations are Kaleidoscopic

 - May 11, 2012
References: joemangrum & mymodernmet
Joe Mangrum, a daring and confident artist, is getting attention all over the web for his amazing and intricate sand drawings. Often completed without advanced planning, these granular and delicate pieces are something to behold.

Mind-blowingly exact and consistently symmetrical, Mangrum's sand art resembles a kaleidoscope. As fun to watch in its creation as in its completion, the work is definitely crowd pleasing. In order to accurately illustrate the spontaneity that goes into these pieces, a complementary video of Joe Mangrum's creative process has been making the rounds. The short clip provides a colorful glimpse into the artist's background and inspiration, in which Mangrum explains why the temporariness of sand appeals to him.

Joe Mangrum is a standout artist who differentiates himself with both his medium and the abstract nature of his work. Colorful and hypnotizing, this sand art is getting praise that is bound to be much more permanent than the work itself.