From Cityscape Photography to Products Inspired by Cityscapes

 - Jan 23, 2013
The urban landscapes of the western world have become prime real estate for inspiring cityscape photography. And such photography has then become an inspiration for a host of products ranging from pillows to clothing.

There is something dynamic about gazing at a vast metropolis that engages audiences. Maybe it's the sheer size and scale of the development they're viewing that intrigues them. Maybe the geometric silhouettes provoke an enlightened perspective on their place in the world. But whatever the reason, cityscape photography is a popular niche.

While some cityscapes are captured in their natural state, others are amplified like the psychedelic street photography of Rafael Andrade. Painters also take aim at cityscapes, like Jeremy Mann did with his set of dreary street corner portraits. Mock cityscapes have also been made of everything from circuit boards to LEGO.