The Iceberg Nature Building Complements its Surroundings Wonderfully

 - Jan 20, 2013
References: dezeen
JDS Architects have almost completed this glacier-inspired nature building and it already looks incredible.

The designs for the cityscape was featured on Trend Hunter a few years ago and it is wonderful to see this project being actualized.

Its mimicry of icebergs was terrifically done, and the resemblance is uncanny. With its white mountainous ice caps and crisp slopes and dips, it is a true tribute to wintery nature. And it really complements the surrounding harbour, especially because it is built far off the mainland. This not only makes for an awesome view for onlookers, but it also immerses residents out on the water.

Because of the way this nature building is crafted, it will allow for all different shapes and sizes of dwellings. This will encourage an eclectic community of residents to come together and take in the beauty.