Shan Jiang Crafts Vibrant Worlds Worthy of Animated Features

 - Sep 3, 2011
References: everynicething & designlov
If you think these images are from the latest Hayao Miyazaki film, I don't blame you; Shan Jiang's lush and vivid illustrations are reminiscent of the visual style employed by the animated filmmaking legend. Considering Jiang's use of vibrant colors, cel-shading visuals and overall wild imagination, one can't help but be transported to new worlds when gazing upon the incredible masterpieces.

My favorite Shan Jiang illustration of the ones featured in this gallery is without a doubt the one with a gargantuan suited man parading through a city as hot air balloons hover and look on. The amber and turquoise glow of the piece are truly a feast for the eyes.

Implications - Consumers are appreciative of vibrant cartoon illustrations because they invoke pleasant and calming sensations from their viewers. These sensations act as stress relievers for consumers. As such, corporations may consider using cartoon illustrations in media campaigns to satiate the high consumer demand for such content.