- Jan 25, 2013
Hippy culture might have shrunk in size, but these psychedelic art designs help bring a little touch of the 60s into the 21st century. When the word psychedelic is uttered, a plethora of different images come to mind including counter-culture revolutions, drug-induced hallucinations and the easy, carefree lifestyles of hip youth. These artistic expressions draw much of the influence from the hallucinatory aspect of the love decade.

One of the best features when it comes to these art pieces is that many are using sophisticated computer animating software that creates color beyond anything previously conceived possible with traditional art supplies. Moreover, the physical pieces are created using innovative supplies to produce results that are truly ornately jaw-dropping. So, while you might not have been around for the iconic decade, these psychedelic art finds will help give you a taste of the fun.

From Trippy Feral Digital Art to Hypnotic LSD Illustrations: