Spencer Mann Imagines Mickey Mouse & Others in Psychedelic Manner

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: flickr & winterteeth.tumblr
Many artists have illustrated Mickey Mouse, but few have depicted the iconic cartoon character in as grotesque a manner as Spencer Mann. In Mann’s version, an explosion of tumor-like psychedelic imagery contort the Disney mascot’s head as it rests atop a floating and out-of-shape body. It’s safe to say most children can’t appreciate this badass incarnation of Mickey.

Spencer Mann also has re-imagined versions of popular cartoon characters like Pinocchio and Tony the Tiger. He takes a similar morbid approach in rendering the puppet and cereal-loving tiger, giving Pinocchio seemingly burnt green skin and Tony melting eyeballs. It’s an art style that’s very reminiscent of visuals seen in the ‘80s, where grossness was pushed to its limits for inspired imagery.

Mann currently bases all his art activity out of San Francisco.