- Mar 16, 2014
Psychedelic artistic stylings might have you thinking of 60s counterculture, but what's clear from this collection of psychedelic animal examples is that the art style is alive and well in the 21st century and gaining momentum amidst nostalgic consumers.

As the market becomes further saturated with advertisements and marketing that boast a more simplistic aesthetic so as to not overwhelm viewers, psychedelic art is grabbing attention once again for its high intensity colors and out of this world imagination. Today, the use of digital image rendering technology is allowing artists to move in directions not previously considered possible like blending colors in certain ways or even render a regular photo into something far more kaleidoscopic. Is there a place for psychedelia in a society obsessed with simplicity? Perhaps the revival will pop up in other, unexpected areas to the delight of hippies young and old.

From Trippy Feral Digital Art to Psychedelic Animal Collages: