Bruno 9li Depicts Surreal Wildlife in Bizarre & Colorful Renderings

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: bruno9li & booooooom
Bruno 9li, aside from having a name with a number in it, is a talented Brazilian artist whose latest offerings feature psychedelic depictions of animal-like creatures. Though his subjects have semblances of real wildlife, they’re ultimately original and surreal creations that are quite puzzling and intriguing to look at. And when you add the magnificent colors 9li puts into his pieces, you have visual art that satiates your brain’s craving for eye candy.

Also noteworthy about these Bruno 9li illustrations is their rather overt East Asian influence. Several of his subjects wear armor evocative of Japanese or Chinese war garments from centuries ago. And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, some of the creatures don futuristic visors, so viewers aren’t really sure whether they’re looking at paintings from the past, present or future.