- Nov 26, 2013
There is something so unbearably beautiful about fashion illustrations. Maybe it's the alluring idea of being about to draw yourself into clothing you normally would never be about to afford to even look at. The ability to recreate the world to your design and to capture and amplify the beauty of already beautiful things is one of the best parts of art.

Fashion being an industry devoted to a tireless pursuit of beauty and newness is an easy target for artists. Fashion illustrations range from designer dressed birds (the fowl, not the British ladies) to unbelievably realistic shoes can all be found here. There is even water-color celebrities and sketched out couture.

Going through this gallery will make you want to go home and pick up a pencil to draw your own fashion fantasies. If you can't afford a $1,000 you can always draw it on yourself, with a matching $2,000 sold-out skirt and that Hermes back you've been lusting after for the past year.

From Seasonal Couture Illustrations to Chromatic Couture Sketches: