The Matthias Seifarth 'That's Our Anna' Series is Comical

 - Aug 27, 2012
The Matthias Seifarth 'That's Our Anna' illustrations depict the queen of fashion in unusually domestic situations. The leading editor-in-chief of Vogue is known for her signature bob haircut and blacked out sunglasses that are on 24/7.

Illustrator Seifarth presents a series of comical homages showcasing the leading lady of taste making and fashion influence. Wintour is notorious for her stoic stares and absent smiles, which have been rendered impecably in this pop culture-driven series. To see Anna wearing an apron, let alone doing laundry is a humorous rendition in itself. While it may seem gruesome and outlandish to see Ms. Wintour slicing up a beheaded figure, you must remember this is the lady responsible for killing grunge fashion.

Ice cold stares combined with household chores is the result of the humorous Matthias Seifarth That's Our Anna series.