From Anime Disney Princess Drawings to Runway Manga Manes

 - Jun 14, 2013
With the Sailor Moon remake set for release this summer, there are tons of Sailor Moon-inspired items popping up everywhere. Unlike the 90s tv series, the 2013 remake will follow the original Japanese manga more closely.

This is bringing huge rushes of excitement and nostalgia for fans of the original series. The resurgence in popularity of the Sailor Scouts is noticable, flourishing on communities like Tumblr, inspiring the creation of fanart, memes and gifs.

The rebooted series will capture the interest of a younger generation of girls as well as older audiences that will tune in for the nostalgia factor. To reflect this maturing demographic, Sailor Moon-inspired creations are taking a sophisticated turn, making appearances in cosmetic lines and high-fashion runway looks.