The Burlesque Sailor Moon Series Sultrifies the Iconic Anime Ladies

These burlesque Sailor Moon pictures prove that after all these years, the crime-fighting, universe-protecting girls are still as popular as ever.

Drawn by deviantART user CandyRobot, these reimagined anime pictures take the Sailor Moon cast out of their regular garbs and puts them into clothes you'd expect the Pussy Cat Dolls to wear. Racy? Maybe. But it's nothing you wouldn't see on a regular episode of the classic 90s cartoon. The illustrations are also evocative of playing cards because of their stylish backgrounds and borders, but make no mistake, the girls are at the forefront of this burlesque Sailor Moon collection.

I may not be able to name any of the characters, but I'm sure fans of the show will appreciate seeing new Sailor Moon content being produced in the 21st Century.